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Tom Swysgood – Technology Handyman

Executive Handyman and Wannabee Farmer

Tom Swysgood – Technology Handyman

Hi, this is me.  The name is pronounced “Swiss-good”.  I recently came back to Ohio after many years in California.  California is a beautiful place to visit, but Ohio is a better place to live.  I found a nice home near Mansfield that is surrounded by nature, quiet and just the right size for me and my tools.

I’m mostly-retired, having left corporate life for country living.  However, being industrious and entrepreneurial, I’m now applying my skills and experience to try and help others solve problems, deal with technology, or simply handle issues requiring a professional level of support.

My website name, “” describes a commitment to each client; to establish a professional relationship and give extra effort on their behalf.

Your first phone consultation is free.  After that, I’ll work for an hourly rate that we decide up front. That rate can vary depending upon the task/job/project requirements and the level of expertise applied.  I will also consider fixed price projects when the work can be clearly defined and agreed to.

So, what is an “Technology Handyman”?

Well, a “technology” handyman does work that requires a technical level of professional skill or sophistication.  This work would  typically be delivered by people in a corporate role, and cost two or three times as much as I will charge.  I can beat the corporate pricing because I’m local, I work independently, and I’m not supporting a high cost lifestyle.

For example, someone who can solve your computer issues or your network problems will cost hundreds of dollars for a single visit. More often than not, you could buy a whole new computer for less than their service charges.  I work for less because I can, and I like being a helpful neighbor.

I built a life and career around computers and ended up as a Director of Systems Engineering for one of the largest computer companies in the world.  In semi-retirement, I can help you like I help many friends and family.

There is no device more complex than today’s computer.  And, most products of any complexity have a computer inside. Without computer skills you can be very disadvantaged and frustrated. People like me can help you compensate, and with some patient coaching and encouragement you may in fact become computer competent.

Personally, I love machines, and computers are the most versatile machines in existence.  I also love tools, because you can’t work on machines without tools.  I can apply these passions to your frustrations.  For me, finding a solution to your problem is what motivates me to keep working.  Problem solving work is almost a type of recreation for me, so that’s another reason I don’t expect high fees for the help.

I also have other areas of expertise you may wish to engage.  If technology wasn’t hard enough, mid-career I moved into management where the human element was the challenge, and the success of the business became the overriding priority.  Machines are much easier to deal with than people, but people are more important.  With thirty-five years of management responsibility one learns a lot about people, business and how the world works.  Doing this in the computer field makes the experience even more educational, since every customer expects their computers to conduct their business better, faster and cheaper.

So, the assets I have in abundance are age and education. Over time, these assets translate into skills and experience in a variety of disciplines.  Having not yet tipped over, I’m compelled to add value to my community and be helpful to my neighbors. It’s not an altruistic endeavor.  I do expect to be compensated.  I also hope my clients will think they got a bargain.

Please take a look at the categories of work I can perform, and if you think I can help you solve a problem or offer some helpful advice, please call or send me an email.